The phone is so quiet? – How to make your Android phone louder

The phone is so quiet? – How to make your Android phone louder. In this video, I show you how to increase / increase your phone volume to make it louder, just install the free app that showed it to you and then adjust the boost!

** I am not responsible for any data loss, phone problems or broken speakers. **


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    This was made in 2016 when it has 2019 in the text the name thing I can't put my finger on when it's called title

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    Well, didn't last, lol. Made my MotoZ2F sound worse and actually the volumn decreased. Anyone know of any others. Have Poweramp Full for my music player and that doesn't even cut it. I can make my Manjaro Linux Laptop do it easily. Should be able to do it on any smart phone with how much the damn things cost. Greedy bastard's all.. Damn Motorola; damn them. Hurry up Linux and make a stable mobile distro. Please.

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    I couldnt hear this video above a whisper
    So I'm screwed
    Im hard of hearing a side effect of MENINGITIS and a car accident I dont hear my footsteps or brushing my teeth or some one approaching me from behind to mug and rob me which has happened so many times I just need this dam phone to be LOUD AS POSSIBLE
    Why dont rhey make phones as loud as rhey used to or Tv's or anything with SOUND without having to spend MORE MONEY.

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    Ok…wasn't sure if it was going to work or not…but good God this is awesome. I needed it to make my movies louder not music and it works sooooooo good. Thanks !!

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    I watched the full video,
    Downloaded the app
    Put the boost to 60
    It didnt workdd then i never noticed i never clicked on, so i clicked it and oof its scared the crap outta me, 10/10 it works HAHA

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