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    ey shredded nice to see u again! i leave sw long time now but this m&m looks nice hope this game isnt that grinding as sw runes…

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    I like this game but I'm just a beginner, never played this kind of games before, can anyone please explain to me the elemental advantages and disadvantages? The only thing I know is water beats fire )))

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    Shradded, i've been playing this game for a while, and the only instant healer I found until now is the fire cruzader. I've got good supporters like the water nymph, the fire druid, wind harpy and others, but, no instant healer, and that proves to be a problem, because sometimes I cant save my allies from diying. Any mobs, appart from the fire cruzader, that you can tell me what heals instantly?

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    Air Stone Guard is not a good tank because he's super ignorable. 😛

    Ok, he does get better with lifesteal or damage. The biggest thing I was missing was putting glyphs with attack as the main stat on my dudes, 2-3 at least. They still have plenty of HP with the vitality bonuses but now they hit harder than wet noodles which makes fights a ton easier.

    This got a tad derailed towards the end. 😛

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    Actually i got the green shieldguard and he's so awesome, he has a def + received crit down buffs and a petrification and crazy stats

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    What I hope Content Creators Start doing is Focusing More on 2* monsters Spotlights and top 20 2*'s since theres tons of them and also Top 20 3*'s and top 10 4*'s. F2P really need info on 2 and 3 * mostly 2*. My 1st 3* was Masura Monk hes great with Aoe sleep and Attack Bar Increase for all allies. His dmg on 3rd based on spd. Awesome Paired with Air Basilk a 2* OP creature. He gets tons of turns with his 3rd being a passive that steals 70% of attack bar & same time Poisons them for 2 turns. Its a Passive which is much better than Earth Basilik which is a great 2* also. All Basiliks have aoe 3rd skill that either freezes, poisons, blinds, with the fire doing both blind and poisons (only 1)
    I then pulled in this order Fire Witch, Earth Kappa, Air Spirit Cub and finally Earth Blade Dancer. Who are they? Are they good? I hope Content Creators can start Answering these questions. I will Glyph all with HP/Vitality Glyphs for now but I need to figure whats what. New Game, Takes Time, Hate Waiting 😉 Keep up the good work!

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    I created 2 Accounts in Might And Magic just to see F2P summons what gets what and P2W if Lightening Rates are the same per amount of scrolls summoned. What this game needs is more Live Content. I wish Summoners War and this Game would build a 5 vs 5 area like Mobile Legends. I think that included in SW & M&M would make the games great.

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    Hey Shredded I know you wanted the Earth Basilk badly but I think the Air one is Much Better. Its the only one different from the rest with its Poison Skill going off much more often thx to Att bar Increase and Self Spd Buff. Aoe is great but its on 5 Turn cooldown. Not Cool. Bought 1 30$ pack and got me 9 soulstones. No Nat 4 but so far in the game I got 5 3* and still have tons of achivements to go. And in SW which is Still by Far the Best Game which all games are Knockoffs of SW, I finally got UnFair Bear Feng Yan Im sooooo Dam Happy
    P.S This Game is Really Good Game too. I Enjoy Playing it and whats really good is the developers Create PC Games so you know theyre Top Tier Developers,. Ubisoft Makes great games

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    Just started a couple days and I got the Water Felicore through the nine stone summons and it does wonders for me. I also have the Earth Basilisk. Right now my main team is Air Harpy, the Water Felicore, Fire Griffin and the Earth Basilisk.

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    Hey mate, glad to see you making MMEG content, always enjoyed your SW stuff back when i played and i really hope you enjoy the game and keep making content for it 🙂 also grats on the basilisk!

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    Is this why com2us released the free nat 4 event? Lul. Not that I'm complaining. Hopefully these guys don't shoot themselves in the foot like DHC, maybe Com2us might release a disable crit anims option!

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