Top 10 Android and iOS games of 2019!

It concludes 2019, so as always, we have to do a video game of the year, and again this year we present your choices as a collective Android tool, and you guys are the community, thanks to the votes you made, here are the 10 best Android and iOS games of 2019! Including offline and offline.
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    Am I the only one who feels like "Android tools" have been keeping on updating the same game again and again in the list?
    Like seriously, I guess I'm seeing call of duty in the list for like the third time…
    Hmm.. I'm starting to dislike this channel a little as you guys also keeps on giving paid games on the list too, it's just my love for Sarah's voice that I've still been subscribed to this channel.

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    "Black Desert mobile's combat plays like the PC/Console version"….erm no it doesn't. ?

    Call of Duty Mobile is the first installment for mobiles….what about Call of Duty 2, Black Ops Zombies and Strike Team?

    Do your research first! ??‍♂️

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