Top 10 new iOS and Android games for January 2017

A large number of games were released in January for iOS / iPhone and Android. Here are the 10 best we liked.
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Super Gridland
Platform: iOS Android
Price: $ 1.99

The Red Kingdom
Platform: iOS, Android ….


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    I think someone likes saying "Bullet Hell" without ACTUALLY knowing what defines a bullet hell shmup. Hint: it ain't either of the "bullet hell" games on this list. Look it up, do some research.

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    Got into Sonny and loved it! However, stuck on 5th stage vs mecha raptor thing. Any suggestions? Also, thank you for sifting through all those games and pulling out the great ones! Already subbed and liked! Keep up great work!

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    I always watch videos like this to see where the industry is heading so I can make clones lol of these games. I make games and tutorials to make games like this.

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