Top 10 offline action strategy games Android 2019 HD

Top 10 offline action strategy games Android 2019 HD

Hello guys here I am back with a new category of games for Android.
This is Battle Strategy or Battle Simulator Games for Android, and can be played without internet connection.

List of games …

1. Epic Battle Simulator 2
From the creators of Epic Battle Simulator, comes Epic Battle Simulator 2, the most accurate battle simulation game!

Download – … .


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    Damn! If only steel and flesh have an open world mode where you can move around the map with a third-person view and it can be played online. It would be so damn good.

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    If steel and flesh was online it would be the best game ive ever played,wait it already is the best game ibe ever played… would be sooooo great

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    Flourishing Empire and Steel And Flesh made by same developer of the game. But both same and Steel and Flesh is my favourite
    Pc: Mount and Blade

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