Top 10 RPG Games 2019 # 2 | Android and iOS

Top 10 RPG Games 2019 # 2 | Android and iOS

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Top 40 Android and iOS games with 2019 console support:
✅ Top 25 Offline Game 2019 # 2:
✅ Top 25 RPG Games of 2019:
Great search for the saga …


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    wtf all games are faill..make one Open world RPG game with pve-pvp-pk battles all in one at same time in the same map for everyone without restrictions…peace zones will be only in Lineage 2 pc game…otherwise everything else is waste of time and only for donators…fail games that everyone leaves after 1-2-3 months…

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    Для русскоговорящего сообщества: играйте в Eternium. Управляешь одним пальцем. Все скилы рисуешь примитивными жестами. Ничего удобнее не придумано человечеством.

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    Nowadays rpg games r so disappointing .. Seriously zenonia came out long back but still I would still prefer zenonia than most of the games which r in playstore right now.. They just focus so much on graphics.. N too many upgrades.. It gets annoying.. Bad storyline.. Most of the time auto plays..can literally close my eyes n play.. Just need to press attck.. N everything is done. .. Disappointing age of mobile rpg games..

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    Phone2:Ur lucky u got bought by a youtuber man!
    Phone1:yeah bro!im sure he will take care of me :))
    A few weeks later
    Phone1:I can't handle all these games…

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