Top 10 RPG Games 2019 | Android – iOS (JRPG / ARPG / SRPG / Gacha)

Rate the best #rpg # games on #Android and iOS released in 2019, get liked and have fun!

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    What disappointed me of Valkyrie Anatomia was paid side quests back at launch and the lack of platforming and side scrolling zones that made Valkyrie Profile so special.

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    Mobile has capacity to handle great games, but developers only care about making money, RPGs on mobile can do a amazing job, just look back five years ago and we see great jobs on mobile like Aralon or Raven Sword.

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    You messed up on Blades: there are NO more timers on the chests and the loot system was overhauled last week!! Even still…the game is trash and the graphics belong on a PS2!!

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    What I love most in this channel is that you make great points, you are fair and don't try to trick viewers with paid reviews. Most channels don't even talk and others only mention how good every game is sounding like there are no flaws. Keep it up.

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