Top 25 beautiful puzzle games for iOS and Android

Give your brain a workout with the best portable puzzle games.
To handle a comfortable sweet elephant in the room: No, Candy Crush Saga is not included. Not for offspring, but because anyone who is definitely interested in playing puzzle games on their phones will know about it now.

Here are 25 of the best beautiful puzzle games – all available for Android and iOS with …


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    I love your videos and your editing skills. The songs and the games you picked are really beautiful. Just an opinion: Games in IOS are better than android Cuz it's Editor's Choice . Compliment: I really like your videos cuz I'm impressed

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    This particular mind training game “nonu amazing only” (Google it) amuses me a lot! They are really challenging and I hope taking part in these games help improve my memory and concentration. Funny matter was, the whole household wound up having fun with this game, and moving my phone around!

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    To find a song you just have to write song's lyrics on the searcher, this is the first song ''Quinn – Another Day in Paradise (prod. by ayokay)''

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