Top 5 iOS and Android Racing games! Formula E

Do you need a new game to navigate? Here are the five most popular mobile racing games in the Formula E office, sorted by popularity. Enjoy!

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  1. Reply

    Even MS DOS had better racing games than these, in general games for Android and iOS suck beyond believe and freemium games should burn in hell.

  2. Reply

    The official Red Bull Air Race mobile game. Love it. Haven't picked it up in a while, and requires a Facebook connection, but it's a good one.

  3. Reply

    competitive racing? ground braking online? have you played rr3? I have, for 2 years. Its absolute crap. your finishing position is decided by how much money you spent on your car and the multiplayer has 3-5 player races ffs

  4. Reply

    Real Racing 3 is a great sim racing game. The ugly thing about it is the AI. They don't leave the space, and they're so slow in the corners, and as one user said it's like a pay to win game. The events require you to finish in the podium position and you can't get there that easy you always start last and there are only a few laps and the AI dont leave the space, and the car life is very sensitive.

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    I think Car X drift racing deserves a spot. If you are someone who just likes putting in lap after lap and is okay with having no AI to race against there really isn't any comparison. The cars are challenging but rewarding to drive, and while it's not particularly realistic, it does feel more grounded in reality than any other mobile game I've played.

  6. Reply

    Real Racing 3 has TERRIBLE AI, and over time, the updates have made it lag more and more. It's also quite pay-2-win. Oddly, it is indeed the best racing game for mobile platforms. :/
    Source: 222 hours played.

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