Transfer Android or iPhone data to Google Pixel 3

In this video, I show how to transfer data from Android phone or iPhone to Pixel 3 XL. This is done when you first go through the phone setup process. Make sure you have your old phone's charging cable with you for this to work.

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    Is there a way I can get my notes back from my previous phone? I guess it didn't transfer over to my new phone because the pixel doesn't have a notepad

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    This video was really helpful. When I transferred from an LG Android to a Pixel, on the Storage page it says Other data (15gb). Not sure which apps that relates to but I want to delete it to free the space. Any idea how can find out what is using that much storage so I can remove it?

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    Does anyone know if you can use tags in Pixel contacts to manage contacts the same way Samsung phones have groups? I'm going from an iphone to Android and this is a feature I need. I want to be able to send a text out to my whole team without having to individually enter each name into a new group text every time. (I always manage to forget someone and it takes forever!)

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    After I enter my screen lock, my old phone keeps saying to continue setup on my new phone and my new phone says to see my old phone. Can anyone help me figure out what's going wrong? ?

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    will this work if im trying to transfer notes from LG V20 to Pixel 3a? I can't seem to find note app on Pixel… please help

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    hey this is cool but it doesn't really explain transferring from an iPhone. wayyyy vague about that. please do one Specifically for an iPhone please as i've spend endless hours today trying to make it work – and it is Not. thx.

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    I accidentally did not select this option while turning on my pixel. How can I bring up the option to transfer data from pixel home screen?

    edit: i have the transfer data option up again, however the pixel is not reading my iphone. I have both devices connected but it keeps saying, "Having trouble? try unplugging and reconnecting the phones"

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    My question is, I have Note5 and is going to transfer my calendar to Pixel 3XL, will transfer be the whole or partial? In the past, I had problems of not transferring my whole calendar only partial. My calendar goes back 10+ years.

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    I skipped this transfer initially since the old phone wasnt close to me. Now I'm trying to get this transfer to work but I cant get this screen at all. I dont know how else to transfer. Does anyone have idea how to get this particular screen back?

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