Trivia crack ios | Tips and tricks to always win!

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In this video, I am teaching you some tips and tricks ….


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    I am sorry but there is an awful buzz in this video…also, although I appreciate your taking the time to do this video, your explanations sometimes need explanations.

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    Are you fucking series. This dude got the easiest question ever in the history in this game and got it wrong lol. How do u not know what calgarys name is. This guys just a nerd that doesn't play sports

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    Lol sports is the easiest category you need to watch and know sports to get em right just like the other categories. I gotta 88% in sports it's easy

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    History is the easiest one for me. Then it's either geography or science. The Entertainment and sports categories are unfair imo. And art is ok

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    I swear that some people aren't good at categorizing their questions, most of the science questions I get are related more to the History section.

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    Thanks But Art & Entertainment are my worst categories. I know nothing about art and I don't follow pop culture. History and Sports are my two best

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    If we came to this video to learn how to win more I think we already know how to play it. You dont have to explain how to play just fucking show us dumbass

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    omg boring dot com! !!! Title of this video should have been how to play the game. I know how to play the game!!!  How do you always win? What time of the video do I fast forward to?

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