UFC mobile game [iOS & Android] Soft launch toys

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UFC (mobile game) from EA SPORTS. Absolute soft play

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Step into Octagon® with EA SPORTS ™ UFC®! Collect your favorite UFC fighters, fall into competitive combat, and participate in real-world UFC real-world events.

This app offers in-app purchases …..


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    What are the controls on this game i have just been moving my fingers around on the screen and doing ok but never know whats going on there are no instructions or fight moves ? still love it though

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    You can kick in this game, its just that you need to get a different character that does a sport like Tae Kwon Do, Karate, or etc, you can get them by buying the training box many times, or buying it from the player store (most players cost gold, and some players cost 25,000 platinum/silver coins.) I hoped this helped you guys.

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    Is this game worth buying. I have kindle fire hdx it always take a while for games to launch. I think they always launch on ipad first.

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    Why ea, just why is it so hard for you guys to make decent game. All you had to do was turn EA Fight Night ios version into an mma game. Things I don't like: can't move around ring freely, can't execute takedowns or special punches and kicks freely, can't use anyone else besides Alex, and rediculous in app purchases. Just make a $5 full game. Graphics and having the latest fighters are the only good thing.

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