Ui 2.0 Beta 3 (Android 10) for Galaxy Note 10 Plus – what's new?

Therefore, the third beta version is now available for Samsung One Ui 2.0 with Android 10 for Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus. Let's see what's new and explore some of the features of One Ui 2.0 with Beta 3.

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    If you have software Android 9 UI 1.5 is there update beyond that ? Or is that the latest verison of software ., If you dont have this verison ?

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    Last update on my Note 10+ phone in Florida was 7/2019… when will I get an update from AT&T? I am currently running Android 9.0 please tell me why?

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    I am totally disappointed in Samsung, it takes too long to launch an update, I have the note 10+ and the cel is good but … I bought the iphone 11 pro and it is 10 times better in everything and more on the camera and I have updated it as 2 times already

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    Awesome can't wait for some reason I can't download the beta from the Samsung members app, But one question my Note 10 Plus is an International version I thought samsung phones had call recording to which on some youtube channels it has it but mine doesn't, Those 3rd party call recordings are no good but doesn't samsung have a APK to download so we can install it like Huawei does?

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    Is there a change on native camera app? Something like manual exposure longer than 10 seconds or wide angle lens on pro mode?

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    Hi and thank you for all your reviews. I recently got the note 10+ and I want to know why i am watch facebook videos, it suddenly cut off after watching for some minutes and I m prompted to the FB home page. Thanks.

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    Is the "Swipe from sides and bottom" only a feature given to the 10 series for the time being? My Note9 doesn't display that feature; kinda bummed.

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