Ultimate Smartphone Security Guide How to secure your phone tutorial

This is the ultimate safety guide for mobile devices, iOS and Android. Learn how to improve the security of your smartphone and protect your mobile phone and your private data.

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  1. Reply

    If you don't put your self onto your phone, only the government can track your data.
    Anyone who puts their personal information on their phone is ignorant.
    The web is owned and operated by the federal government. Always was and always will be. Your government is not your friend.
    All of this guy's stuff is worthless.
    Crypto has no real value.
    Trillions of dollars have been spent over the past several decades.
    You have no ANONYMITY.
    I know, I used to work for the government.
    And, I am being tracked.
    I don't care, I am dieing anyway.
    Don't be a fool.
    Don't trust anyone.
    You still will be tracked.
    Tor and the other things that he is saying are just as vulnerable to hacking.
    So, this jerk is trying to give you false hope.
    Look into this for yourself.
    Don't believe me, or him.
    Your phone has a permanent address, even if you change your sim card.
    You are being tracked, and categorically filed.

  2. Reply

    The Hated One, can you reveal what country you are originally from?
    I have a passion of languages and accents, and your accent isn't something I recognize. Weirdly. You are from Europe, that's that's what I'm pretty sure of. This is definitely not German, French, Slavic, Danish, Swedish (even though there are something similar. But I might be wrong), Italian, Spanish. Maybe Dutch? Well, could be. Not Icelandic, Norwegian or Finnish. I doubt that it's Romanian or Hungarian, even though I don't have a lot of experience with those languages. I have no Idea what Albanian sounds like. What else is there? Portuguese, no. Maybe not Europe? What else can it be? There's no way it's an Asian accent. Not Latin American. Even though there might be something there. But at least it's not typical Spanish or Portuguese accent.
    Sorry, this can't get out of my head and every time I watch your videos I think about it.
    Or maybe some of viewers could help me recognize his accent. Some of you probably came across an accent like this. Any suggestions?
    I hope you don't see this as violation of your privacy.

  3. Reply

    Use ADGUARD app . Use mozilla firefox browser everywhere. Use paid VPN. Remove meta data of photos through dedicated apps that does it everywhere. Turn off location . Don't visit those websites that are not deemed safe by many so install extension like WOT and app, use Malwarebytes and ESET, and lookout security. Guys, add your thoughts and ideas.

  4. Reply

    WhatsApp pagesus spyware doesn't go even on factory reset. And you haven't talked about how dangerous are mark Zuckerberg services are in terms of data collection or fake news portals.

  5. S P


    Google and some other apps like Fb track EVERYTHING on your phone and track you by your Imei number and your wifi-connections. Plus your location. Is there a way to prevent that? How about apps that change those values (like Device emulator for example), are they worth a go?

  6. Reply

    Don't charge your phone anywhere in public unless you're using a converter in a power outlet. Those public USB ports can easily have software loaded into them, without any physical signs, by somebody smart enough with a flash drive

  7. Reply

    What a load of garbage. If you're THIS paranoid then WHY are you using a smartphone? For facebook or emails?
    99% of everything interesting u do with my phone is accessible without having ur device.
    Pirate/malicious apps are way way low in the official repositories. <0.5%
    How many people have you actually spoken to who have been compromised THRU their phone, like this alarmist video says? beans. If you're THIS concerned then get an old school nokia or maybe don't carry a smartphone around with you?

  8. Reply

    Cellphones are built to be insecure by governments!
    They track you worldwide even if they are switched off. Possibly even if the battery is disconnected.
    Hackers have the same power, wifi is fundamentally vulnerable, even if you disconnect the antenna this only reduces the range to 1 to 5 metres & with 5G that wont even matter.

  9. Reply

    Since I update my phone's version, my phone started taking more MB data than any other app on my phone.
    The more I use my phone, the more phone consume more internet data than any other app

  10. Reply

    Nice tutorial. But any security measure will be broken once someone has your SIM card / access to SMS (your telcom) / yubikey and then take over your account by password recovery.

  11. Reply

    One question. Can I uninstall Google
    Play Services. My phone is not rooted and can uninstall some system apps and I also do some research that Google Play Services that is only used for Google Apps and other "non open-source" apps. Should I do it? Waiting for your answer. Opinion is accepted.

  12. Reply

    I completely disagree with some points here, prominently the "Don't install apps from unofficial repositories" one.
    There are open-source, trust-worthy sites, such as "F-Droid" we should promote adapting those.

  13. Reply

    Will the phone run slower when encrypted? And thank you so much for recommending Bromite, always wondered if you could get Ublock on mobile

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