Unfortunately the Android system hangs / Android system keeps the hangs [Solution]

The solution: Unfortunately the android system has stopped / the android system has stopped the solution / the android system has kept stopping on the android phone / tablet 2020. There is an easy way to solve the unfortunately, the android system has stopped continuing to receive an error message on your device.
If you are having trouble with this error android system has stopped working, unfortunately android system has stopped when …


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    I have tried did not work. The issue is when I take a screenshot and try to share my contacts I get Unfortunately, Android has stopped. When I go to gallery and try to send pics I get that message too and does not let me send any images. After watching your video I tried to force stop my android system but it did not grey out the one showing in this video. I bought a couple of months ago and I don't have any money to buy a new phone. Can you please kindly help me how to properly fix that Unfortunately, Android Has Stopped/ ScreenShot Capture has stopped.

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