Unity Mobile Game – Shop from Store – 7 – Android and iOS [C#][Tutorial]

Unity Mobile Game Tutorial, for GLIDE Project.
We create a cost list for the player's skin and player tracks, which will give the player a sense of progress and allow him to spend some hard token earning

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    I really love this complete series?. But I'm facing a little problem I tried out so many things but won't worked, it's actually problem with index, I'm trying to implement it into one of your video called changing character(scenes) the buy button text didn't change when I change the character… Plz n3k help me if you reading this.

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    the first and second color/trail the button never changes it just says select and for the last button in color also im so confused ive looked at the code just dont know whats going on

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    DAM!! Man you are amazing.. I think i'm doing all of yours tutorials. Really, really ownsome. I'm no one to say it but, just on tip, could you do dynamic stuff (cost and shop items load) ? For people who are learning, like me, this would help alot.

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    Nice Tutorial!

    I am getting an error however.

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    MainMenu.OnCharacterBuy () (at Assets/Scripts/MainMenu.cs:166)

    not sure what the error means when I click the buttons. I have checked the code three times.  Any advice?

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    Hi N3k again!, thanks for responding, I am having another issue, it's
    actually a question, I saw that you made a video about something like
    saving data in the cloud? Because i want to for example, have a game in
    which there are In=app-purchases so the data from the string "save"
    changes, like the coins and stuff, what if i deleted the game from my
    phone? The data would be lost, so, i was wondering how could i go about
    saving THAT data in game center from IOS or Google Play in Android? Does
    that video that i mentioned answer that question? Could you help me out
    on that? Really thank you brother!

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    +N3KEN  Hey man, ur tutorials are really great. I'm kinda have this error though everytime i click on a color or trail, but i dont know how to fix it
    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    MenuScript.OnColorSelect (Int32 currentIndex) (at Assets/Scripts/MenuScript.cs:154)
    MenuScript+<InitShop>c__AnonStorey0.<>m__0 () (at Assets/Scripts/MenuScript.cs:62)

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    Hi, loving your new series and thanks for doing it, helping a lot! But im having a little problem i don't quite know what Im doing wrong here, see, when i click on one of the buttons it shows the Debug.log with "Selecting color button: 0" for example but the color buy/set button doesn't change text, and an error jumps out, the error goes like this: Object reference not set to an instance of an object, and when i click it, it shows me this line of code:

    if (SaveManager.Instance.IsColorOwned (currentIndex))

    What could be happening here? Could you help me? Thanks a lot in advance keep up the hard work!

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    hey….little help here….
    I just created a raycast script for gun which is working like charm in game but as I instantiate new gun that script won't work….can you tell me what are possibilities for getting this error…you have lot experience in game development…

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