Update google maps tutorial Part 1 (Android tutorial)

USB debugging:

Source code:

This is an updated version of my previous tutorial. I received a lot of requests to download an updated version of this tutorial.
Later on, we'll learn how to track a moving person's location and a few other things as well.

Watch the following parts here:
Part 2 :
Part 3: …


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    Hi! Do I need to enable billing to see map ? Because I cant see map and coming grey screen! How can I solve it? I haven't enabled billing account. How can I use it free test mode?

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    hi mam i hava error how to fix the error please tell me mam Error:Execution failed for task ':app:transformClassesWithDexForDebug'.

    > com.android.build.api.transform.TransformException: com.android.ide.common.process.ProcessException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.android.dex.DexIndexOverflowException: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]: 65536

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    plz can u make a video on search dropdown and dropdownlist selected(multiple or single) one will show in input(i am new to mobile app dev in website we call it input)

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    hey priyanka thanks for such a nice tutorial series can you make tutorials for distance between 2 locations and time between them(Updated one) with new MapsActivity in studio

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    hi priyanka ,
    very nice tutorial.
    Can you post a video tutorial that draws the path of a moving vehicle on
    Google map

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    the code is not working it is showing this one
    "html_attributions" : [],
    "results" : [],
    "status" : "ZERO_RESULTS"
    as resulting json
    i used my api keys for project

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    When i am clicking on hospitals, school.. then it is showing more marker only in the left side of the map every time, How to solve this problem.

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    Well this was very informative, you're answering each question that appears in my head in a matter of seconds))) Thanks a lot, subscribed

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    Thanks for this great tutorial priyanka. I created this project and key on my PC and it works fine, the app loads successfully on phone and it loads the map as well. But when I gave the same android project to my friend to try building on his PC, the app which got generated, it loads successfully on the phone but the google maps doesn't loads, it shows blank screen all the time. What is going wrong here?

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    Can you pls help me do this,location that are present in the 5 KM radius from the current location . On clicking on any of the pins you redirected to the profile page .if possible pls send the source code

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    Hi, I've just watched one of your tutorials. I liked it very much thanks. I'll start with the rest. Do you have any tutorial for real time path drawing on map (I need my customer to know where is the delivery on his way to his/her house). Thanks upfront.

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    What this Key means? When i created a new Google Maps Activity automatically created a key value for me, should i add this file to .gitignore or my team can share this same key?

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