Update Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ to Official One UI 2.0

The official One One UI 2.0 Android 10 update is updated to Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and S10.

== == Timestamp
Antutu Benchmark – 5:15
One UI 1.0 vs One UI 2.0 Result – 14:16
PUBG Games – 14:39

Still not got the update? It should come within a few days to a maximum of 2 weeks. Otherwise, you can flash the official One UI 2.0 from SamMobile.com

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    Just bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ running on Snapdragon 855 three weeks ago. And it's running One UI 1.5. But it won't let me update it to One UI 2. It says I'm up to date.

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    My opinion – Solid update as of yet for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, better battery life by huge margin, less lags/stutters, smooth and responsive. Not to forget the navigation system is amazing and is totally worth it!

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