Valley of fiction Chapter Walkthrough Android Part

Fantasy Valley APK Download Android Port Adult Novel for Fantasy – Fantasy Valley Download Android Port Chapter 1-3

David has been trapped in his family's farm for the rest of his life. When his parents suddenly leave the valley, everything changes. David must go to the city and … go to college! The story follows the daily life of David as he begins …


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    This main character? Sti'll resembles the main character of summertime saga cause they wear the original lame fucking t-shirt and orange short type dress geeeez the story is kinda dumb. Summertime saga had better chicks than this crap

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    The character in this game is so lucky he get to be all these pretty ass girls don't you wish you can trade places with him if u was in the game

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    I can't read what they're saying I'm not love to read what they're saying if it wasn't going so fast I got to pause it just to read it

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    again, you really need to slow down on your play through. too much is lost with speeding through it and forcing people to pause and play through the whole thing is BS.

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