VLOGGING Complete Collection How to VLOG with DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 and Android

What you need to create a DJI Osmo Mobile 3 blogging group:
Samsung Galaxy S10 plus –
DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal –
Circular Clamp Adapter –
TRS to TRRS Cable –
Dead cat –
Microphone –
Smartphone filters –
Monopod –

# DJ …


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    Good tips and tutorial for a newbie like me. Im Taking gimble/drone video & photography as a serious hobby now. Hope can see more of ur video ??

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    I am from new Delhi India and wanted to buy new dslr for blogging and photography..please suggest I need to do blogging through mobile or dslr and I will buy dslr for photography

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    I just fell upon your channel. Very informative. I have been an avid photographer since a little boy. Recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I will look forward to your vlogs on anything related to photography in the future.

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    here is the dji osmo mobile 3 problem list
    1 mimo cant export 4k
    2 mimo color sucks
    3 when walk,you will get shake,compare to other professional gimbal.
    4 dont support 60fps with android。
    5 mimo crash some time with some android mobile。
    6 if you use iphone,try it, if you use andoird,forget it。
    7 plastic, dji osmo mobile 3 is big toy,if want to do some nice,commercial video,forget it。

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    As mic alternatives, I would like to recommend the RØDE Smart Lav+ if you are shooting at arm's length, and the RØDE Wireless Go if you want to be able to vlog from a distance.

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