Was Trusted Trusted Smart unlock on Android removed? Why did you kill google

Find out why Google has removed trusted smart face unlock in new versions of Android. We have seen that many ROM 10 dedicated to android with the latest google play services will not have an option to use the trusted smart face unlock option.
You might think why Smart Face Unlock is not available, the answer is that Google has officially removed it from Android. Watch the ….


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    Bro I downloaded latest Pixel experience and Installed on my poco f1 and I have an issue with camera this ROM doesn't have Gcam . This has only a Normal cam which is Ugly ?
    Please Response these Reply !

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    Dude im a competitive player and i really have no idea which ROM to go to as i need both battery backup and the performance that the poco really can offer coz so far xiaomi has reduced the quality of updates for poco f1. Help me out….

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    Please make a installation video fir OnePlus 6 pixen os or syberia
    I am trying but unable to get flashed
    I always end in rebooting back to twrp

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    btw pocof1's Trust face unlock also a hell of mess! why I'm saying this ? because it can easily unlock my poco with other face like my frds who use glass and I Don't even we are not same looking at all :'( after that i stop using Google trust unlock ?

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    Dude just search that, is there a method of adding it externally ? I mean by flashing a zip or any magisk module ! Please bro ??. Appreciate your work man !

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    So there will be no Face Unlock on a possible Miui11 with Android 10 on Poco? Face unlock is the single most thing I use…

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    Don't see any reason to switch to android 10 from 9th version because face unlock feature is crucial for me.

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    Okay we don't need the trusted face option !
    It wasn't secure after all

    But we need the same option that included in pixel 4 , its different from the trusted face !

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