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    Google owns waze. Google maps also uses user data for traffic (yes, google maps has traffic, accidents, repairs and closures and even speed cameras) So basically, Google owns Waze to put on google maps those things. Why use waze then? Other than actively reporting there's really no reason. AND you can't report properly while driving so… Useless

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    I know this video is at least a year old but wanted to say that mine does have the speed limit now. What is really bad about Waze on Android though is that you cannot change the route options on the head unit. I need to be able to choose from Avoiding tolls to Not Avoiding on the fly. Google maps allows this but Waze does not.

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    Waze is too slow and cumbersome. I hate when you tap on your destination, it has to think and calculate the route (takes too long), it displays a prompt showing the estimated time (more time wasted); so you have to tap 'go'. More time wasted. I wish there was a way to get Waze to just take me to my destination without having to click on all the prompts.

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    Am I the only one who thinks it's annoying that huge direction screen/notification bubble from waze taking half the space from the multimedia display??

    I tried everything to reduce it or even minimize it but couldn't figure it out. Does anyone know how it's done?

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    Waze doesnt show the lane u suppose to be like google map …the is the only reason why im still using google map…this is very helpful when approaching junctions with more than 2 lanes…other than this waze is much better especially with the accuray….ull understand this if ur a e hailing driver like uber or grab

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    I just bought a new subaru. My android auto works fine. However, the navigation w/ google maps & waze doesn't work correctly. it shows me the initial screen how to get to my destination, then that's it. it does not read out loud step by step or what exit to take to my destination. do u know why? please help. thanks.

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    Trying to alert drivers via Wave's voice interface is an exercise in frustration. "Okay, Waze: Report car on the side of the road." "Sorry I can't do that right now." I've even been asked to pull over and enter the information manually, which it gladly accepts by the way, even when the car is moving. This app is an accident waiting to happen.

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    You forgot the biggest omission – you can't access the Waze settings from the dashboard app. Swiping in from the left doesn't work as in the AA app on the phone. Very frustrating as I usually use with my motorcycle (no tolls, no highways) and when I'm already underway in the car, I cannot change it without disconnecting.

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    I can't seem to get the turn list for Waze on Android Auto like I can on my phone. Am i missing something, is there a way I can get the complete turn list for a route?

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    Unfortunately you lose the Sync 3 menu screen and it's functions while running it this way, including Sirius, CD, Radio, USB music and more.

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    Can anyone help please?
    Waze for me on my Android Auto doesnt act like a navigation system, its more just a map.. I do not get the close view map with the road facing ahead, with the arrow to represent me etc…. Instead I just get an overhead view of the map which isnt navigating at all. Did anyone else face this issue and know how to fix it please?

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    Waze sucks , so many fake or false reports . Accidental reports impossible to delete . Sucks even more in AA .

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    Guess people like you just like to press buttons and become mesmerized by the visuals of the display. You mentioned a reroute or alternate routes…Waze like others DON'T OFFER ANY REAL CHOICES! Yeah, it can offer to take you to another freeway that might be 4 miles away. But what about just avoiding a traffic situation that's on your route (say due to road work for the next 1 or 2 miles) and all you want to do is go down the side streets
    just to avoid the stop and go on the main route. Why can't you just put in reroute OFF THIS STREET FOR 1 MILE ONLY…so it takes you down the side streets, residential streets until you clear the traffic issue. Waze, Google Maps don't offer this SIMPLE feature. They always want to take you onto another freeway period.

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