What is Google Certified TV Box? Not as clear as you think

It can be confusing when it comes to what is Google Certified TV Box. There are a lot of fake products and this is where people get lost in relation to the official Android.
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    I use all three
    01 Nvidia Shield pro 500 primarily for games

    02 mi box s secondary tv (beside the pc)

    03 mecool main TV (fake)

    04 don't know the name (fake) bedroom tv

    05 Android remix os PC box mean (always on secondary) computer outside of windows

    06 Huawei mate 20 pro plus (mean Android PC when docked in desktop mode)

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    First I ordered two US$150 pre-loaded legitimate Android boxes, they constantly buffer. Then I ordered an Android box for US$9.99 from Wish with 16MB/8MB. I loaded it myself, including the Brave Browser to eliminate ads. The Wish Android box works well, no buffering. I don't like the homepage but it will install 3rd party apps and has good video. Wish is in China it's similar to gambling with Ebay. I had to wait 6 weeks to get my order. I thought for $9.99 it would be something to test now we use it all the time.

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    Nvidia Shield and Xiaomi Mi Box. Mecool try y fool people with cloned certificates. They look genuine until you try to play Netflix and Amazon Prime in 4K

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    Hi Adam. Google have doctored or nobbled puffin so it will not download apps and apks. you can download downloader and file linked. But side loading anything from anywhere else you have to use Xplore.file manager. Loading from a stick.
    Is there an apk that loads from the android phone like the app2fire does on a fire stick.
    Just set my dad (87) with a mi box s. He’s over the moon with it. I’m the one setting it up so I find it frustrating trying to find way to load apps.
    Most apps are hidden in settings but if you load the ATV app it puts all your hidden apps in one place on the home page. Is there a way to add another line of apps on the home page.

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    cool one, thx for more rhe info, some mecool boxes have android TV android os but no many updates. And Netflix has problems, not ok for hd streaming. I prefer normal android version on a TV box. There are launchers that can make it look like android TV layout. I use mecool pro but doesn't work good anymore and is slow to start up and became slower. No official updates since long time from meecool

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    I’ve had an Android box for over two years and it’s called “ m8spro” and it’s been great for Netflix and I used showbox for over a year until I updated the system then showbox wouldn’t work, but I heard showbox wasn’t around anymore?? Can anyone tell me what happened to showbox?? And YouTube has always been hard to use. But I don’t have any problem with Netflix and it’s all I watch anyhow. So the m8spro has been just fine really. If there are better ones let me know, thank you!

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    sorry to butt in….actually should ot be "but, or "butt" ☺. anywho, when I wack on WOW sports app there is a red letter banner saying unauthorized access. any ideas?

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    Hi don't know if you can help. Have you seen the new phantom tv. It works brill. But you do need to use your TV remote , only to press the green button to change the language. Our TV remote does work the firestick. But my sisters doesn't. Can you help , how can we get it to pair. With her tv remote. I have googled it. But nothing seems to be working. Thanks. Sorry it's so long. Hope you can understand this

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    Ordered Beelite GT King. Looking forward to seeing how it compares with my 4K Firestick. Should it be able to handle/give faster WiFi speeds than FS? (I’m getting 250MBPS, but only my smart phone can get that. Old iPad and Firestick get much less.

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    I've been using the M8S Pro L with bluetooth remote for 1 year, best box I've owned Android OS 7.1.1. Don't plan to ever go back to regular Android for my TV boxes. I also use a regular fly mouse with this box when needed.

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    Pmsl back 2 back ??? about 1 year shield 2017 lad after years of MXQ wall squash ????no contest oooh also 2nd 3rd gen fire sticks decorating my cupboard now lol

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    Hi Adam, great video. Thank for giving the mi box s a mention. Very good box, but very frustrating. Needs more videos on how to use chrome cast as it is not easy. Are there other ways to side load apks as I’ve only found Xplore as a file manager which you can use with a phone or tablet. Cheers kevin

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    Hi Freetech,

    Used to use firestick version 2 but it kept overheating buffering or crashing.

    So got a raspberry pi 3b+ and installed OMC kodi fork on it and it's top mate never ever had any issues with it at all had it for a year now

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    2019 Fire TV Cube and 3 4K Firesticks. Have 4 TVs in the house. I should be stopped! Love your channel Adam and cheers from the States. Happy streaming everyone.

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