What's new in Android (Google I / O & # 39; 19)

Get an overview of the latest Android developer features.

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    Jetpack library is amazing, really helpful and up to date. And it's solving the problem of backwards compatibility across all the different Android versions. However it's making our apps bigger – common components that all apps are/should be using are shipped with each app now.
    Would it be possible that you somehow centralise this? For example Play Store could download it once (per needed version) and then share it with all apps that need it?

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    Seeing the change to ease of use for set/get methods related to the findViewById() is a great integration, glad to see it.

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    0:00 Bubbles

    1:35 Dark Theme

    3:47 Sharing

    5:00 Priority and Gentle Notifications

    7:25 Notification actions

    8:10 Gesture navigation

    11:16 WebView

    11:35 Accessibility

    11:59 Text

    13:32 Magnifier

    13:54 Private APIs

    15:32 Android Runtime (ART)

    17:08 Kotlin

    18:13 Security

    18:50 New Hotness (PowerManager thermal throttling callback)

    19:12 Neural Network API

    19:34 Preferences

    20:15 Architecture Components

    21:05 CameraX

    21:51 Jetpack Compose

    26:38 ViewPager2

    27:31 ViewBindings

    28:44 (Graphics & Media) Blend Modes

    29:16 (Graphics & Media) RenderNode

    30:29 (Graphics & Media) HardwareRenderer

    31:39 (Graphics & Media) Hardware Bitmaps

    32:59 (Graphics & Media) Surface Control

    33:09 (Graphics & Media) Vulkan

    33:22 (Graphics & Media) ANGLE

    33:41 (Graphics & Media) Wide Color Gamut

    34:14 (Graphics & Media) Audio Playback Capture

    34:35 Privacy (Primer for following topics)

    34:52 (Privacy) External Storage

    35:32 (Privacy) Location, Location, Location

    35:57 (Privacy) Background Activity Starts

    36:30 (Privacy) Camera

    36:47 (Privacy) Connectivity

    37:05 (Privacy) Settings Panel

    Let me know if I missed anything or if timestamps can be improved.

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    Not showing the icons in gentle is not really something I like, that way I don't know whether I have notifications and I wouldn't pull down the shade if there aren't any icons now would I?
    The minimized notifications are fine for not having icons, but the gentle ones IMO still should, as it was in Pie.

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