Why how to train your dragon is the perfect trilogy

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    How To Train Your Dragon 3, like all Dreamworks 3rd installments, was inferior to the 2nd one. You may not like Drago, but he was a better villain then Grimmel. He was the opposite of Hiccup in every way, that's what makes him a good foil to him. Grimmel was just an alternate version of Hiccup, even being skinny and relying on tech. He couldn't care less about the remnants of Drago's army that hired him, Berk or Hiccup. He just wants to kill Toothless so he can have the glory of wiping out the Nightfuries. Drago wanted to control all the dragons using his alpha dragon and conquer the world. Grimmel lacks ambition, he may be funnier but he wasn't as much of a memorable presence as Drago.

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    I was really happy to hear you talk about these movies. I’ve always found it weird how pretty much everyone forgets about these movies when they leave theaters. You help remind me that these movies can stand the test of time. These movies played a major part in my formative years and I don’t think anything else can quite make me feel this way.

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    I personally only really properly like the first HTTYD, as the others felt pretty repetitive. I could just about stomach Hiccups irritating voice for one film, but not for two more films.
    In 2, Toothless personality flits between animal and almost human so often it's annoying, plus the idea of him having abilities he didn't know about is ridiculous (and I hate the blue alpha powers). Hiccup's mum is rather annoying how she shows basically no care when finding out her son has lost half a leg. The only positive I can give it is killing off Hiccup's father.

    The third one is pretty boring, a villain who is bland, an obvious set up for Hiccup and Toothless having to leave each other, but we all know they'll be reunited by the end so none of it really matters.

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    How To Train Your Dragon: Wow a secret cave of Dragons we never knew about, this changes everything.

    How To Train Your Dragon 2: Wow a secret cave of Dragons we never knew about, this changes everything.

    How To Train Your Dragon 3: Wow a secret cave of Dragons we never knew about, this changes everything.

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    How I felt about dragons before watching How to Train Your Dragon: 5/10 meh they're cool but not super into them
    After: super into them

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    I loved the books and when I heard about the movie and got a coloring book from it, I originally thought Toothless was a Terrible Terror since they look similar to his book counterpart. That sa iui d, it was still an instant favorite even though at the time I considered it a different series entirely. Of course, with the books concluded and me now knowing the movie is based on HHH I, not HHH III, it changes the perspective for me drastically. Maybe his son is intended to be Grimbeard the Ghastly, like in the books.

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    Eh, the third one isn’t that great in my opinion… but in the shadow of the other two films I think I can finally let it pass.

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    here are some reasons why How To Train Your Dragon is my favorite movie of all time
    #1: it was the best movie released in 2010 (try and find a competitor)
    #2: The lighting is the best of any animated films i've seen
    #3: it has a fantastic score
    #4: Stoek is a badass (i like BIG BURLY big bearded Scottish people, what can i say)
    #5: it has a unique conflict as it is split between hickup's relationship with his father, and the dragon nest queen, and its not a stereotypical villan
    #6: Toothless is adorable
    #6: it is a film with funny moments that don't feel like they are forced (like some jokes in HTTYD3)
    #7: all the voice actors are fantastic
    #8: all the tiny details in the movie just make it that much more beautiful

    There are so manny more things i could list and i have ben writing this for 5 minutes. But one way or another, HTTYD is a sheer masterpiece followed by 2 perfect sequals

    sorry this was so long or Does not make sense, i grew up with the first film and it holds a special place in my heart.

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    Actually, How to Train Your Dragon is the perfect nonology, as there were 9 books but FUCKING NOBODY CARES BECAUSE THIS BULLSHIT MOVIE SERIES CAME AND STOLE THEIR THUNDER

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    Sorry but I disagree
    Ignoring the show makes the third film a bit better but I think it's very average and it made me hate Hiccup and side characters they seemed dumber and sorry but I think Hiccup is a terrible leader as he seems to care more more dragons than his own people. The villains were also kinda bland mainly the third one I also just hated the ending I predicted it and it feels undeserved to me. But I still love the first movie and the second one I still like it's just the third one I can't stand but I did enjoy the visuals of the third but that's it. Anyway those are my thoughts (not all or in depth obviously) but if you could enjoy it then have fun.

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    Loved this video! Funny I was just thinking about How to Train Your Dragon 2 and the trilogy and how I wanted to watch them especially since the first sequel is my favorite and then I see this video uploaded! Big coincidence so indeed! Lol

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    I do!! I do!!
    I love dragons.
    I’ll prove it… Er one of the reason I got into the hobbit is because I heard the Villian was a dragon.
    When I’m in a book store I’ll see a book with a dragon on the cover and consider reading it BECAUSE OF THE DRAGON.
    Errr I like httyd.
    My favourite magical creature in Harry Potter is dragons.
    Ou and the reason I wanted to watch HTTYD is because well.
    One reason I love dragons.
    But honestly it wasn’t a big deal for me I was sitting on the couch with my lil bro and I thought I’d put a cartoon on for me and him.
    I saw httyd and though it might be good so I put it on ( plus it had dragons )
    And we’ll a loved it and the rest is history.

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