Why is the WiFi not working sometimes: New Android TV Box Firmware Installations

Manufacturers provide TV boxes with WiFi chips that require the installation of a specific driver for WiFi cards in order for the firmware to work.

Some WiFi chip manufacturers don't always release these drivers, only give them to the manufacturer that produces the TV box. This means that we will always have third-party firmware or some other development of these TV Boxes which simply cannot support it ….


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    Isn't it about android drivers installation for these wifi devices? can we not pick it up from 'working' box and use it as a 'general' driver for others with the same wifi device?

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    Hey I attempted the 5.1.1 installation guide. When I downloaded the Abdul zip file and drop it into my SD card. It doesn't turn it into the archive program as shown in your tutorial. it keeps it as a zip file. I use 7zip for zip files. Am I using the wrong program? Maybe wrong version of Windows? Also the black box link now shows an "alternative" file to download. Thanks.

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    Hi man, I have a MXQ android 4.4.2 no root and I want to run kodi 18 with alexelec but I can't, can I get help or support from you? can we get in contact or chat for support?

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    Fucking hate kodi pile of shit .Also if your box will not connect to the WiFi before you cry just contact your provider and change the channel frequency normal all routers are set on ch1 so if you say get it set to say CH 6 or a higher one normal this cures the problem done this many times and 9 out 10 time's it work's done it with old box's and new .Remember its not the box its the routers and some times the providers .Also never buy an MXQ box there 100% garbage believed me I have bought and tested a few over many year's.

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