Wi-Fi Hacking – How to kick someone off your Wi-Fi on Android and iOS- no root, no software, no administrator

This trick is the certified router

Young children watch YouTube videos non-stop or neighbors deplete daily wifi data? Don't worry about getting them out of your WiFi network … guys, we're back with a great video on how to kick someone out of wifi on your Android phone without any root or software. We hope you do so ..

All you need to do is change the advanced wifi settings from dhcp to static ….


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    Still struggling to get this working…. how do I kick my neighbour off MY wifi connection… long story short I let him use my wifi on his PS3 to watch YouTube videos… he’s not become a compleat dick.. * I am not on unlimited connection * he now likes do use my wifi to mass download wich burns my internet …. iv asked him to stop and no luck… iv tried other options but still no luck..what do I do to kick him off my internet?… I have a hearing problem ( use hearing aids ) so it’s a bit hard for me to understand everything you said in the video

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