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    #plane Sim is not interesting well can you make a game on life simulator please had every type of options for Carrier like doctor police inventer scientist and let us add furniture etc maybe you can think what type of game I want ?

    Your fan from India ?? since 2015 I played Evey game

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    If anyone see this, Who wants to see Australian Trucking Simulator (iOS, Android, PC, & Nintendo)?

    Its Probably a hard work for that game since Australian Truckers face alot of problems so why not WE face the virtual reality of the game and how stressful it is? And, It'll be awesome if it has some 'Convoy' event which 5 – 10 or more players can join and have a journey with the AI's and the some random road events? Can't expect that would be possible since its for Mobile and they will have tons of vehicle not just a Semi Truck, but also some Pickup Trucks and some SUV's towing package.

    As the Point of Australian Trucking Simulator you will face the brutal of reality, we can have fun ingame but this game will be intense, limited gas stations, terrible dirt road (some are flat) and face a deep bog (mud) in a rain forest or face bumpy dirt roads with a very brittle trailers, I dont if this will be possible but if it is, then Ovilex is just warming up.

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    Plz fix this problem in your every game it says that my phone is connected with controller, but i don't have any type of controller..my device is redmi note 7 pro

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    And what about work hard on one game and don’t still releasing new not that good games. I like your games but they’re need work

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    Wow but when did android get PC like graphics 0any way I'm fan of ETS2 should build a game like that with the features

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    Being better, I think a good option is to continue updating the game, I install it again and observed that the landscape graphics has improved and could continue doing that, improve the buses, (add more models why not) Add new routes, more personalization options, among others

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