XBMC / KODI ~ The easiest way to set up libraries on an ANDROID device

I know many of you have seen me doing this on a computer that I encounter problems when trying to set up libraries on your Android device. She also indicated that there are several ways to do this, but this may be easier. I also show how to add from an external HD.

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    You didn't even mention how to integrate Trakt into your library like you did in the last video. I thought the whole point of this video was to show how to do that on android

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    It seems to me that if you have a Fire Stick and a PC, you would be better off placing your library files on the PC.   Then link them to the Fire Stick (android) as you have show.  This would save space in the FS Memory.  Would this be a good idea ?   Would it work?

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    Someone PLEASE help me! I have a firestick and I have created a library where I added all my favorite TV Shows. the problem is new episodes are not automatically added to the playlist! how can I create a playlist AND have new episodes add each week.

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    Hi. I have just program my android box according to your instruction on you tube about setting up library and I dont see them listed on my kodi can you help

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    Do you not understand… You're using a computer to instruct on Android procedure. When you say it the menu button, where is that even accessible via phone. We do not have a mouse.

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    so I'm on a fire tv stick followed the video exactly, except I used specto instead of genesis and it didn't create a new menu item – help?

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    A really excellent video. Clear and easy to follow.

    What I am not so clear about is why you would want to do it? When I have watched a movie I would probably not want to watch it again for some time, if ever and then it would be very simple to go back to the addons and find it again

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    Not every add on gives you option to create a library does it? Like when you added Genesis link to library…not all add ons offer that playlist link right?

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    Sir I have to say , you probably (from a NOOB's perspective) are quite possibly the best instructor on line who presently puts these videos out in an effort to help people learn there devices and get it running properly… I could go on and on what everyone else seems to be kinda doing wrong but I'd rather just let you know the "things you do right" are DEEPLY appreciated.. You really have a gift for making others better and getting them to understand.. You use the right amount of information blended in with the right pace for a new person.. Its not frustrating at all listening to you and trying to absorb this even the 1st time around..I just really would like you to know that you REALLY are appreciated and have earned some real fans out there… Huge shoutout from MississippiZ!!

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    went to video then hit files then browse then external storage then android then data the org.xbmc.kodi then files and then nothing showed up but those 3 dots. help!

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    I get all the way up to the point where you have .kodi in the files folder. I don't have anything in there. Do I have to create a .kodi file? Please help

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    Hi SpoonFed, Thank you so much for the walkthroughs. Tremendous help. I was able to make the, "library setup" to work on my firetv stick but I can't seem to do the same on my firetv tablet. Is there something I'm missing or an additional step for the tablet I did't go through? Thank you again.

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    very nice explanation, thank you !
    For those who is asking Genesis ! try to replace with VELOCiTY or EXODUS or SALTS … nice add-ons to experiment with 😉

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    i am running Jarvis and I want to have the add-on short cuts back on the home screen can you please run a video on how to replace these short-cuts .

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