Xbox on Android + iOS vs. Windows 8 + Windows Phone Pocketnow

Xbox Music devices are now available for iOS and Android. Learn how to compare it against Windows Phone and Windows 8.


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    Ive used the service for a VERY long time be careful with the pass though it's like biting nails just trying to cancel it honestly pisses me off cause i know there's always going to be a problem.if there is way to add a pre paid version ill probably try it that way for offline. 

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    It's $4/mo but you only get more offline "radio" mixes, unlimited skips, higher quality audio and song lyrics. Xbox Music is probably a better value since you can download anything you want (not just mix playlists).

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    On WP, I often turn off the "Cloud Collection" switch and then it will only play music that's physically on the device, but I agree a setting to disable streaming on cellular would be great.

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    Xbox Music is AMAZING. Full on downloads for all the albums in the world for just 8 euros a month, while Apple offers nothing like that neither does Google Play even work in Finland.

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    What was the pricing for nokia music? I've had a zune pass for a really long time (I still get 10 drm free downloads a month), and it was the whole reason windows phone 7 was my first smart phone.

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    Also, I thought when they released the xbm website that it was going to be free similar to pandora (and limited streaming hours), and that subscription was only required for unlimited streaming, and drm offline downloads.

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    Interesting that android version is better than ios, at least in that you can swipe between song artist album etc. On windows phone 8, there is no setting to disable celluar, so ironically android and ios win on that department. The only similar WP setting is to use wifi for podcasts.

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    If think more of the features from WP8 Xbox Music will come to the other OS's just this is a start, I would the features added in updates

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    It's Microsoft's property now, but hopefully its features will all get integrated with Xbox Music (including the pricing)… HOPEFULLY.

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    Windows Phone & Windows 8, yes. iOS & Android versions can only play music from your "Cloud Collection" or the Xbox Music Store.

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    I don't like the interface for windows phone. It needs a revamp to look more like the version on the surface in this video. I can't stand all the gray area either. Just my opinion though.

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