Xbox one S controller paired with Android smartphone

No root just doesn't work, it's great. I first updated the controller on the xbox one then press the "pair" button on the controller and connect to the phone as if you were connecting to any normal device, it just works.


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    I have Huawei y6 2017 and it isn't working is it my phone? The controller has Bluetooth ik this because there is a button beside where you put in charger and also blinks when I hold it in please help also leave a like if you made it this far?

  2. Joe


    Just did this to play Crazy Taxi.

    Samsung phone, running Google's OS, playing a SEGA game, controlled with a Microsoft controller.

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    I can't pair to my phone. galaxy s8 edge I hit the button on the controller it blinks but won't show up on the phone any ideas? Not sure if it's an S or not either. came with the Xbox

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    Just got one of these, it works pretty well with all my devices. Question: For some reason in a lot of emulators the mapping labels are mislabeled, Start = L1, Select = R1, X = C, does updating the firmware fix this? Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, it works.
    Android Lollipop with Bluetooth.
    All buttons work except L2,R2.
    Some games work with the left Stick but others only detect the Digipad.
    Thanx for the vid Nat.

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    Has anyone tried this with Nexus 6p? How do I know I'm buying the new version of the controller, does it say anything in the box? I don't have an Xbox.

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    Hey this is a really good video and seems pretty legit does it still work? and i know you kinda explained it in the description but is there any way you can do a tutorial video?

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    Hey Samsung galaxy s 7 / edge users if you have that controller i want to ask that is it working cayse i have xbox 360 wireles controller and it doesn't work on my phone..

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