XON Episode Four – Puzzle Adventure Game for Android and iOS

A puzzle adventure game inspired by games like Myst and Riven.
Available for Android smartphones and tablets on Google play store, coming soon to iOS.

stuck? Here is a walkthrough :.


  1. Reply

    I still can't believe the big firms make high graphic games which are still unstable.
    And your games give 60 FPS and it's having small size too.
    These companies should learn something from you

  2. Reply

    Is there a way to follow the path shown when you collect all of the orange crystals, or is that just a visual reward for being completist?

  3. bil


    Are you supposed to interact with the poles from the water puzzle? Or simply find the right path among them? There are a few poles on the ground and I can walk right through them, so I can't tell if there's a bug preventing from solving it or if I'm missing something. I had no real problems with the first 3 episodes but this one is getting waaay too cryptic. Between the water puzzle and the shadows maze, I have been stuck for days now and needless to say it's no longer fun.

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