You can be very supportive! ShockWve Tips #Learning #Android || Poco F1 | Team || Axum || JOI AI AXOM

Hi guys, WELCM to my new video

Keep supporting men!
I love you all!!

Practice is the main source of the best gameplay that you don't listen to others who talk about shit about you !!!
Just play n point everything fails!

Watch the video to the end!
Motivation video!

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  1. Reply

    I want to be a pro too
    But this video will not going to help me
    I have a one question you are using Poco f1 for gaming and you want to giveway 2 iPhone
    And no one will give this must off cost for free ???

  2. Reply

    You can be pro too !!
    Really ???
    1st You need a Good Device
    2nd You need a Good Stable Internet Connection
    3rd You need Good Skills and Good Gaming Sense
    4th You need Good Teammates
    5th this things are very Rare …
    Am I right bro !!
    ShockWve Fan ♥️
    জয় আই অসম ?

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